When properly installed and maintained, NIA Certified Faced Insulation® can provide a greater return on investment than any other building material.

Welcome to the home page of the National Insulation Association’s Metal Building Insulation Laminators. This website is designed as a resource to provide up-to-date information on energy code compliance for pre-engineered metal building systems, the use of NIA Certified Faced Insulation®, and recommendations for metal building insulation assemblies and proper installation that comply with the American Society for Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 90.1 and other state energy codes.

Pre-engineered metal buildings now dominate the one- and two-story construction market, and require materials that are engineered to keep pace with constantly changing design concepts. One such material is NIA Certified Faced Insulation®, which is specifically designed to meet the unique thermal and acoustical designs of today’s metal buildings.

The selection and proper installation of advanced insulation systems to keep pace with increases in energy efficiency requirements is a key component in the value delivered in a metal building. If you are a contractor, specifier, end user, or code official, we hope you find this information useful in determining the insulation requirements for your building project.

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